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Tecforce is a supplier of a comprehensive range of repair, overhaul, consultancy, testing and training services to the rail industry.

As specialists in the sector, and with a track record of expertise which extends back to 1994, We have become a trusted supplier for many of the rail industry’s biggest and best known names, who have put our product, service and delivery to stringent and demanding tests.

Based in Derby, at the heart of the UK rail industry, We are ideally located to deliver a responsive and proactive service that exceeds our client’s expectations. With a wide-ranging portfolio of services, and in depth industry knowledge of materials, welding, NDT and Traction and Rolling Stock engineering, we can undertake anything from component servicing and corrosion repair during overhaul to testing (NDT), materials / rolling stock engineering consultancy and training.

Our specialties are in component servicing, of which we service and test many components for a range of companies across the industry; and on-depot bodywork repairs that we provide on-site for various operators and leasing companies. With a highly skilled workforce we can be safely approached to solve various rolling stock problems and requests that not only save cost but reduce downtime of vehicles.

Tried, tested and trusted - it’s a claim we can make with confidence.

Carbon Footprint

Rail transport - for both people and freight - has a clear role to play in sustainable transport. Every tonne of freight carried by rail produces at least two thirds less carbon dioxide than if moved by road and a typical freight train is the equival...

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