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Carbon Footprint - A Social Responsibility

Rail transport - for both people and freight - has a clear role to play in sustainable transport. Every tonne of freight carried by rail produces at least two thirds less carbon dioxide than if moved by road and a typical freight train is the equivalent of 50 lorries on the road. It’s estimated that congestion on the roads currently costs British business £17 billion per annum. For passenger travel, rail creates just 65.1g of CO² per passenger kilometre compared to 151g of CO² per passenger by road.

Every major network and service provider in the rail industry is aware of their impacts - and many of them have also tried to understand the impact of their complete supply chain. As service provider and a key part of the suppply chain, we at Tecforce have taken the initiative too. We are committed to making our own contribution through innovative and thoughtful working practices which minimise our own carbon footprint.

We do this by means of:

  • maintaining a safe and healthy workforce
  • developing both leadership and technical skills through training to ensure that we deliver projects and services in the most energy efficient and cost-effective ways
  • setting waste and recycling targets
  • innovative solutions for recycling, repairing and re-using components which previously would have been scrapped
  • plans to reduce our carbon footprint while increasing our energy efficiency

We see it as our corporate and social responsibility to tread as lightly as possible.


Based in Derby we have a rail connected workshop facility of 18,500sq ft including the following; Refurbished metallurgical laboratory Faro Arm Measurement ca...

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