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Our History

Tecforce was founded in 1994 out of the ADtranz Scientific Laboratories in the former BREL site at Litchurch Lane Derby.

Employing 9 staff at the outset and based in 8,000 sq. ft. premises, Tecforce achieved early growth and recognition due to the determination to build a company based on quality, reliability and excellent value. This was recognised by the company receiving "Young Business of the Year" Award in 1998 from Southern Derbyshire Chamber.

By 1999, growth and expansion of the workforce had seen Tecforce move to larger premises of 18,500 sq. ft. on Litchurch Lane, Derby, providing an ideal opportunity for enhancement of the range of services and facilities. 2000 onwards saw continued growth in rail engineering work. ISO 9000 accreditation was achieved in 2004 providing formal endorsement of Tecforce’s quality credentials.

From 2009 Tecforce focused more strategically on Traction and Rolling Stock maintenance providing a range of products and services derived from the core business skills of Metallurgy, Weld Engineering, NDT and Rolling Stock Engineering targeted at repairs and overhaul of train components both in house at Tecforce and also on clients premises. During 2011 the decision was taken to attain RISAS accreditation which was achieved in 2012.

During 2012 Tecforce was acquired by the MCT Group to further strengthen its capabilities in the transport sector. This created a new opportunity for Tecforce and the group to delve into new joint products and offerings to be able to further service the customer’s increasing requirements. Tecforce and the MCT Group continues to invest in both plant and people; our expertise as training providers enhances the skill of both our own employees and those of other companies in the sector whilst recent capital investment enhances our rail engineering capability for overhauls, retrofitting and modifications.

Moving into the future the MCT Group is now able to open into new avenues in the rail industry drawing not only from the vast knowledge and expertise at Tecforce but from skills from all of its business streams.


Carbon Footprint

Rail transport - for both people and freight - has a clear role to play in sustainable transport. Every tonne of freight carried by rail produces at least two thirds less carbon dioxide than if moved by road and a typical freight train is the equival...

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