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Train Gangway Baseplate Replacement

Train Gangway Baseplate Replacement


The Problem

Corrosion caused by moisture becoming trapped between the frame and the wear pads on gangways has become apparent on a number of class 15X vehicles. This material degradation has been highlighted during routine maintenance, C4 and C6 overhauls.

Our Approach

The standard method for completing this repair is to patch weld and NDT the affected areas, some of which are large holes. With increased skills in welding and materials expertise, we have developed an alternative repair method for the most affected part of the gangway whereby the baseplate is replaced as a whole, minimising the amount of patch repairs carried out.
The replacement sections are manufactured in advanced out of S355 steel and painted using a 2-part epoxy resin hard wearing paint system which minimises the chance of corrosion reoccurring.

The Result

Our initiative to replace the gangway baseplate as a section has resulted in a reduced turnaround time for the repair, an increase in repair integrity and improved service by offering a turn-key solution that meets and exceeds our customer’s requirements.

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