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Continuous Improvement continues!

Continuous Improvement continues!


A session on ’ The 7 Wastes ’ was conducted last week.
The session was run by Chris Clayton (Grey Matters) with Greig Saxon (Workshop Supervisor) supporting.
Greig, with Operations and Quality Manager Steve Carter’s support, takes ownership from a production aspect, to drive continual improvement and support the CI team with further development.
This session was around the ‘7 wastes’ and how we can communicate and implement further throughout the business.
The CI Team are gaining experience in other departments which allows them to develop their own skills but even more so, develop their working colleagues!
As well as Continuous Improvement, these sessions are also departmental team building, as we have representatives from Production, Engineering, Finance. Tecforce feel all employees are as important as one another, and require the varied skillsets and opinions to develop these processes.
This was a session with marshmallow, spaghetti, tape and string!! Using these odd ingredients as building blocks, the team had to create the tallest structure!

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